Compelling demos built to last



Case Study: Marketing Package With Device Replicas

Challenge: How do you sell a product that’s hard to see, with a unique insertion device?

Development: DCM engineered and produced a multi-component marketing kit for distribution to an international sales force.

Results: A versatile marketing kit that helps the provider manipulate and visualize the product and its use with sturdy accurate components

Bio Injection Eye Model

Trade Show Models

Case Study: Opthalmic Fluid Demonstrator

Challenge: How do you demonstrate a liquid that operates in a small volume inside the body? How do you make the demonstrator robust enough to withstand constant usage in a trade show environment?

Development: The DCM team engineered this demonstration unit using an unusual method which clarifies the mechanism of action while eliminating risk of leakage.

Results: This device performs every time, without mess or clean-up.

DCM can help design, engineer, and manufacture your client's training product.

“I've taken my own products to dozens of trade shows, so I know that the model needs to hold up through unloading, demos, packing, and shipping—and not just for the first show on the circuit. I make sure our trade show models can handle the demands of the road so you have one less thing to worry about.”

—John Sinisi, Founder