Heart Product Development

DCM will help you bring medical devices and models to market on time and on budget. We use stringent quality control practices throughout the design and manufacturing process, so we notice problems in hours instead of days and solve them in weeks instead of months. Designers and inventors alike love DCM for our close attention to quality and our deep understanding of medical design, engineering, and manufacturing.


Medical Devices & Equipment

DCM devices and equipment are known for their quality. Our creative and tech-savvy solutions help your ideas shine. Find out more »

Hernia Trainer

Training Models & Replicas

When surgeons are learning how to use new equipment, everything needs to feel and function like real life. DCM engineers lower-cost replicas of expensive machinery that function just like the real thing, as well as anatomical products that look and feel exactly right.  Find out more »

Alcon EXPRESS Glaucoma Eye Implant Insertion Tool Replica

Marketing & Trade Show Models

In medical sales and marketing, models need to hold up for demonstration after demonstration. DCM works with designers to come up with packages that are both durable and intuitive. Find out more »

DCM's experts are with you every step of the way. Find out how we can bring your design to life.